• The basics process of hydraulic-fracturing

    Fracking is a specific technique used by drilling companies to extract oil and gas from geological formations deep beneath the earth’s surface.

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  • What are the dangers of fracking? Are they founded?

    As technology advances and production reaches levels once thought impossible, close monitoring and assessment is to be encouraged and expected.

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  • How fracking stimulates the economy

    Greater production of energy means cheaper energy, more higher paying jobs, and more money circulating in the economy.

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Fracking and Earthquakes: Debunking the Fear Mongering


Due to a lack of juicy evidence that hydraulic fracturing actually harms the environment, the ...


Fracking bans on the decline in Colorado


Two years ago, one may have questioned the future of of oil and gas development ...


PA Department of Environmental Protection Concludes Fracking Poses No Danger of Radiation


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection just released the results of its TENORM Study, which analyzed ...

How Is Fracking Impacting Us?

Effects on the Economy?

It is not difficult to see how fracking can stimulate the economy.

Is fracking safe?

For good reason, the process of hydraulic fracturing has come under close scrutiny in recent

What Is Fracking?

The basics process of hydraulic-fracturing.

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