Dispelling the Top 3 Fracking Myths

Dispelling the Top 3 Fracking Myths post image

As you know, we're all about busting the myths and propaganda  surrounding hydraulic fracturing in order to objectively assess and expose the truths and rumors about the technique. That's why we've created an infographic with the top 3 myths around fracking and the truth behind all of them. Check it out and let us know which franking [...]

Green Fracking? Here’s How!

Most people, unfortunately, believe that hydraulic fracturing is horrible for the environment. However, the truth is that fracking is greener than is generally portrayed. On top of that, there are a myriad of new technologies that ensure that the process of fracking is safe and environmentally friendly. Check out our infographic to see just a [...]

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Fracking

What do you really know about hydraulic fracturing? Apart from the many myths, lies and strategically misrepresented facts? Most people know only a little bit about the true processes, the economic benefits and the real environmental impacts. That's why I put together a list of 7 things you should know about fracking. Take a look. [...]

The Economics of Fracking

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Much has been written about the potential pitfalls of fracking, but the huge economic and environmental benefits of the increased oil and natural gas shale development are often left unsaid. Our infographic provides a closer look at the many  ways that local businesses, the environment, our economy at large, families and a myriad of other businesses are positively [...]

How Much Fresh Water Does Fracking Really Use?

How Much Fresh Water Does Fracking Really Use? post image

One of the biggest claims of anti-fracking groups is the supposed enormous waste of fresh water when extracting gas and oil using hydraulic fracturing. But how much water does the process of fracking really consume compared to the water usage of other industries? Is the water consumption really as outrageous as it is argued? We [...]

Does fracking actually cause birth defects: A closer look

In a remarkable misinterpretation of inquiry, media has disseminated the assertion over the last few weeks that hydraulic fracturing causes birth defects. If true, this finding would be strong evidence to argue against the continued use of fracking as a technique for extracting oil and gas. It turns out, the media’s goal of attracting readers/viewers [...]

Is fracking safe?

Is fracking safe? post image

For good reason, the process of hydraulic fracturing has come under close scrutiny in recent years.  As technology advances and production reaches levels once thought impossible, close monitoring and assessment is to be encouraged and expected. The preponderant concern thus far has focused on identifying the effects fracking might have on water aquifers, and in [...]

Effects on the economy?

It is not difficult to see how fracking can stimulate the economy.  Greater production of energy means cheaper energy, more higher paying jobs, and more money circulating in the economy.  These facts gain even more clout when one considers that the areas where drilling typically occurs--small, financially struggling towns and rural areas with dwindling populations--are the [...]

How does fracking work?

Hydraulic fracturing is a specific technique used by drilling companies to extract oil and gas from geological formations deep beneath the earth's surface.  The method involves breaking, or fracturing, the rocks (e.g. shale, sandstone etc.) that contain hydrocarbons, in order to release the oil and gas. The typical process involves drilling an extremely deep well [...]

A website for contemplation, consideration, and candor

Much has been made about hydraulic fracturing and the hypothetical dangers it could pose to the environment and society.  In an effort to reduce naive sensationalism by injecting some logic and perspective into the conversation, www.askmeaboutfracking.com has been launched. The purpose of this website is to bring about an understanding that fracking is a manageable, safe, and [...]

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